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Josh Heupel to Tennessee

Well it’s a done deal. Josh Heupel has been named the 27th head football coach for the Tennessee Vols. Some initially were uncertain with who Danny White would hire but this is a safe choice for him. Its someone who he has hired before and has had some degree of success albeit at a program that was already pre-made at UCF. He just had to not screw it up. What Heupel is walking into at Tennessee will be completely different. With the transfers leaving the program, de-commitments from their current signing class it, and the impending NCAA hammer falling it’s going to take Tennessee at least 2 to 3 full years to recover. One thing that Heupel will have going for him is that his offense is a whole lot of fun to watch. It’s basically the same offense that Lane Kiffin and Jeff Lebby run at Ole Miss. Last season UCF ran their offense at warp speed and put up an average of 42 points per game. My prediction is that Tennessee might not win many games the next couple years but the offense should be excellent.

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