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Thoughts on Auburn: New OC Mike Bobo

Initially when Mike Bobo’s was brought up in connection to the Auburn OC job I was not at all excited. At the time his name was first mentioned Kevin Steele was rumored to be elevated from defensive coordinator to head coach. While Bobo had some great pro style offenses 8 to 10 years ago, college football has changed significantly on the offensive side of the ball since and the perception is his system is somewhat outdated. It seemed to me Kevin Steele wanted to slow the pace of the game and grind things out on the ground. Not the best selling point to today’s top recruits. I can now say since Auburn parted ways with Kevin Steele and brought in an offensive minded head coach in Bryan Harsin the Mike Bobo hire is much more palatable. Harsin‘s offenses are about as multiple as multiple can be (think 5 wide from the shotgun followed by a 3 TE under center play on the next down) and creative (Statue of Liberty play to beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl in the late 2000s). Bobo on the other hand, likes to use a power run game from traditional sets under center and then lob the ball over defenders heads on play action. I think the two coaches can be complimentary to each other to the point the offense can really be effective, especsilly as they boty played QB in college and have developed some good to great QBs over the years.

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It should be an interesting year for Auburn. If they can sign a few transfer offensive linemen and a couple running backs they should have a decent year. The schedule is pretty tough though.

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