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CFP Championship Review

After watching the game on Monday night Alabama proved they had the best football team in 2020. The offense was truly unstoppable. Ohio State is a solid team but didn’t do themselves any favors in what was essentially a 4-4 defense. There was no way OSU’s linebackers could cover Devonta Smith. Ohio State also could not convert redzone opportunities into touchdowns. That was the difference in the ball game. Alabama came up with some clever offense sets inside the redzone that led to 7 points. The bunch set with yo-yo motion caught the safety for Ohio State completely out of position on Devonta Smith. The fly motion on another series again burned the safety for a quick score. I understand Ohio State playing zone trying to keep everything in front of them but they went to more man sets at the goal line. I would have liked to have seen them in more zone coverage with a condensed field but it was not to be. Nick Saban wins his 7th title over all surpassing Bear Bryant in number of all time national championships. A part of me thought he might retire after this game but who are we kidding. It’s Nick Saban... he is never satisfied. Going forward I don’t see much changing in the SEC in the coming years. LSU and Auburn are currently in rebuilding mode while Georgia may be looking at probation due to recruiting violations. Florida has a chance to challenge but not sure Dan Mullen is capable of winning lessor games to make the big games matter.

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