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Way Too Early 2021 Alabama Schedule Prediction:

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Sept. 4 Miami (in Atlanta) - W

Sept. 11 Mercer - W

Sept. 18 at Florida - L

Sept. 25 Southern Miss - W

Oct. 2 Ole Miss - W

Oct. 9 at Texas A&M - W

Oct. 16 at Mississippi State - W

Oct. 23 Tennessee - W


Nov. 6 LSU - W

Nov. 13 New Mexico State - W

Nov. 20 Arkansas - W

Nov. 27 at Auburn - W

When looking over this schedule it’s difficult to find a loss for the Tide but we see a couple teams that could trip them but one likely loss.

The season starts off in Atlanta against Miami. This should be an easy win because Alabama is just more physical and athletic. The Miami offense might score a few points but it won’t be enough. The next challenge will be at Florida where I predict the Tide will lose. Dan Mullen is one of the best offensive minds in the game and will outscore the Tide in the Swamp. The next interesting game on their schedule will be Ole Miss at home. Points will be scored but Ole Miss still lacks defensive talent so Bama will win. Texas A&M will roll over for the Tide like they always do. Mississippi State is a win but not a shutout. Tennessee might score a couple touchdowns but it will be a blowout. The LSU game will be closer than this past years game but the youth of the LSU team will be easily overcome. NMSU and Arkansas are both wins. That leaves the regular season finale at Auburn. I think Auburn will give Bama a bit of a scare early but depth will allow the Tide late to take the lead late in the game as the Tigers will have been beaten up the week before at South Carolina. So although not an undefeated season it’s still good enough to lock in a playoff spot for the Tide in the college football playoff.

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